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Sponsorship Resources


This website is full of resources for you! We hope this site will be of great benefit to you as you prepare to welcome newcomers into your community.


Share this website with your sponsorship group, so everyone can take time to read through the resources listed below.

** Resources that we have identified as especially important have been identified with two asterisks **

Table of Contents

1. After Application Submission

·       Interview Prep

2.  BVOR Sponsorship

3.  Pre-Arrival Sponsor Preparation

·       Sponsorship Group Training and Preparation Tools

·       Managing Expectations and Cultural Awareness

·       Public Relations – MCC Guidelines

·       VIDEO: How to Use MyBackCheck

4.  Settlement Resources

·       Settlement Agency Supports

·       Refugee Source Country Specific Information

·       Knowing Your Rights in Canada

·       Understanding Different Religious Practices

·       Refugee Sponsorship and Social Inclusion

5. Finance Responsibilities and Tools

·       VIDEO: Cost of Sponsorship – Using the Financial Calculator

·       Tax Information - Newcomers to Canada

·       Transportation Loan

·       Money Management Tools

6.  Housing Resources

7.  Education/ESL and Employment Related Resources

·       Education and ESL Resources

·       Digital Literacy Resources

·       Employment/Credential Equivalency Supports

8.  Health Related Resources

·       Interim Federal Health Program

·       Trauma and Mental Health Support

·       Domestic Violence Resources

9.  Indigenous Neighbours Resources

10.        Recreational Resources

11.       Month 13 Planning

12.      Refugees I know left behind – How can they come to Canada?

13.      Advocacy

1. After Application Submission

      The Sponsorship Process – Chapter 6 in RSTP’s Sponsorship Handbook

IRCC YouTube Video – “A Refugee’s Resettlement Journey to Canada”. (available in multiple languages)

     Preparing for the Interviewtranslated resources


2. Blended Visa Office Referred (BVOR) Sponsorship

    What is the BVOR Program?

FAQ - BVOR  Program


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3. Pre-Arrival Sponsor Preparation

·       Sponsorship Group Training and Preparation Tools

Preparing for Settlement – a Check List – use this to guide you during the first few days and weeks

** RSTP’s COVID-19 Travel Resumption Resource Kit for Sponsors a guide to welcoming newcomers during covid19

** RSTP Handbook for Sponsoring Groups – see Chapter 7 to start

** Sponsorship Best Practicescompilation of the best practices identified from MCC’s experience and the feedback of our sponsors

Committee Roles – Template a guide to lead conversation around roles within a sponsorship group

Model Code of Ethics for Groups Involved in the Private Sponsorship of Refugees – from Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR)

MCCO Orientation for Newly Arrived Newcomerstool for sponsor use during initial orientation conversation with the newcomer family during their first week in Canada.


     Managing Expectations and Cultural Awareness

** Managing Expectations – Handout by RSTP

Managing Expectations training video

Cultural Awareness Fact Sheet

Power Imbalance Video


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·       Public Relations – MCC Guidelines

Guidelines for Privacy and Confidentiality

Media Guidelines for sponsoring groups

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4.   Settlement Resources

·       Settlement Agency Supports

Settlement.Org Website  - Search to find the settlement supporting agencies available near you!

Understanding Roles and Responsibilities of Settlement Workers and Sponsors – details the role that a settlement worker can play in supporting newcomers


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·       Refugee Source Country Specific Information

      RSTP’s Country Condition Information

UNHCR’s Ref World – visit for the most up to date refugee source country condition reports.

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·       Knowing Your Rights in Canada

Your Rights as a Privately Sponsored Refugee - resources available in multiple languages

Discover Canada – The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship

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·       Understanding Different Religious Practices

World Refugee Day Worship Resource for Churches

·       Refugee Sponsorship and Social Inclusion

Refugee Newcomer Sponsorship and Social Inclusion: A Learning Resource


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5. Finance Responsibilities and Resources

** MCC’s Financial Guidelines Document

RSTP's Minimum Financial Support Calculator

VIDEO: How to use the Financial Calculator

** IRCC's Financial FAQ for Sponsors

Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP) Rates  - Click here for the information page about RAP Rates and to access the Rate Page. Then click on the link for Ontario on the right side of the webpage

Ontario Electricity Support Program - The OESP is an Ontario Energy Board (OEB) program that lowers electricity bills for lower-income households 

Financial Guidelines - Refugee Newcomers Earning Employment Income

Sample monthly budget: - Sample Monthly Budget.docx

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Tax Information – Newcomers to Canada


All newcomers must file for taxes.


Income Tax:

·      List of Free Tax Preparation Clinics: here

·      Newcomers to Canada: T4055 is a pamphlet produced by CRA specifically as a resource for newcomers filing taxes. Available in html and pdf formats: here

GST/HST Credit - Application and Eligibility: information concerning eligibility and application for GST rebates.


Canada Child Benefit: CCB Calculator

·       Info on CCB

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·      Transportation Loan


Transportation Loans: All about Transportation Loans

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 Money Management tools for sponsors and newcomers

Each One, Teach One – National program of 60-90 min workshops delivered by credit union employee volunteers. It specifically has no sales or advice as part of the program. It is all about literacy and meeting people where they are at with information.

Financial literacy database Created and compiled by the financial consumer agency of Canada

Let’s Talk Budget!  - a simple infographic flow chart to use with Newcomers to explain how much, from whom, where, etc.


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6. Housing Resources

Renting in Ontario: Your Rights

Read about the laws that affect tenants and landlords in Ontario

House Winterization – welcome to Canada J

CLEO - Landlord & Tenant Law - Find clear language publications on the rights of tenants in rental housing.

What are my rights as a tenant?

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7. Education/ESL and Employment Resources

Education and ESL Resources

Education - A note to sponsors from Educators

Curriculum for Pre-literate Adults and Children

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Digital Literacy Resources

      Digital Literacy – YouTube Videos (multiple languages)

Employment/Credential Equivalency Supports

ICAS International Credential Assessment Service of Canada. ICAS provides reports that help employers, education institutions, immigration officials and community agencies understand the education newcomers completed outside Canada.

World Education Services Services available to immigrants and refugees from Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Ukraine, or Venezuela looking to evaluate their international education. WES works through referral agencies across Canada – a list of those agencies will be found at the bottom of the hyperlinked page. If there is no referral agency listed near you, contact Beatrice Kohlenberg at bkohlenberg@wes.org to access services.

Employment Search Supports for Newcomers

·      Employment Service Agenciesnewcomers can access these services for FREE. Visit:

o   https://settlement.org/findhelp/ontario/ or

o   http://feat.findhelp.ca/eng/search.php

·      Jumpstart Refugee Talent - They facilitate the entry of newcomers into the job market. Based in Toronto, ON

·      Helping Newcomers WorkSupport for Canadians helping refugee and other newcomers find the best work possible.


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8. Health Information – Includes Trauma, Mental Health and Domestic Violence Resources

Interim Federal Health Program

 Interim Federal Healthcare Program (IFHP) Coverage Summary - All sponsored refugees are eligible to receive health coverage under the Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP). Upon arrival at the airport, they receive an IFHP Certificate of eligibility. IFHP provides basic coverage until provincial health care coverage is in place, up to a maximum of three months.

IFHP Dental Benefit Grid

Interpretation for Medical Appointments - (Waterloo Region)

Healthy Smiles – Free dental care for children 17 and younger

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Trauma Support and Resources

The Refugee Mental Health Toolkit

Supporting Refugee Mental Health Video

Trauma: The Science of How Our Minds and Our Bodies Converge in the Healing of Trauma – an article on Trauma

Understanding PTSD

Fact Sheet on Sexual Harassment

Men facing crisis and displacement  - self-help booklet

Available in Arabic

Best Start Resource Centre has a section for resources in other languages. At the bottom of that section, additional resources from other organizations are linked, by languages.

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Domestic Violence Resources

 Handling the Disclosure of Domestic Violence or a Marital Breakdown

Steps to take when a client discloses Intimate Partner Violence

Vanessa Wright, Nurse Practitioner, The Crossroads Clinic. Further information can be found hereNov 2018 Immigrant and Refugee Mental Health Newsletter

Abuse Is Wrong in Any Language- A helpful booklet that will bring an understanding to different types of abuse

Abuse is Wrong In Any Langauge

Domestic Abuse - a booklet for immigrant women who are suffering from abuse *Available in many languages

Domestic Violence and Legal Supports – Information from Legal Aid Ontario

VIDEO RESOURCE: Domestic Violence: Handling a Disclosure of Domestic Violence

Victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence, or Trafficking – free interpretation

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9. Indigenous Neighbours Resources

Information for Newcomers to Canada: Truth and Reconciliation


10. Recreational Resources

Jumpstart Canadian Tire – offers individual grants up to $300 to help children access recreational activities

Check out your local city recreation centres and YMCA for subsidy programs

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11. Month 13 Planning

** RSTP’s Month 13 Planning Resource Kit

Letter from MCC about Month 13 Planning

Month 13 –  Planning Finances for CGs with RRDAs

VIDEO: Preparing for Month 13 an RSTP resource


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12. Refugees Left Behind – How can they come to Canada?

How do I sponsor a refugee that I know overseas? This is what MCC calls a Named Sponsorship.

·      MCC Sponsorship FAQ Guide in English

·      MCC Sponsorship FAQ Guide in Arabic

·      MCC Sponsorship FAQ Guide in Spanish

·      MCC Sponsorship FAQ Guide in Tigrinya

CCR’s Family Reunification Practical Guide

Red Cross: Restoring Family Links Program - If you are looking for a family member overseas and would like us to help, please contact us. https://www.redcross.ca/crc/documents/RestoringFamilyLinks_Poster.pdf


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13. Advocacy

June 20 - World Refugee Day

April 4Canada’s Refugee Rights Day

MCC Canada Advocacy Tool Kit

MCC’s Peacebuilding to Address Forced Migration Campaign   tool to take action by writing your local MP

Advocating against Transportation Loans

CCR CampaignProtecting Refugees = Stronger Communities

CCR’s Better Together Conversations Guide practical tools to help you have conversations with the people in your world about refugees

#Immigration Matters IRCC’s website with stories and statistics on immigration to Canada

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